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CURRENT POSITION: Producer/Writer/Presenter/Voice-Over Artist


  • Short-Form Video Producer

  • Video Editing: Avid Software

  • Writing observational comedic scripts to picture, under a daily deadline

  • Auto-cue/Teleprompter Reading

  • Presenting

  • Professional Voice-Over Artist

  • Encyclopaedic knowledge of TV and Film

  • Viral content creator for interview games/features

  • Invention of shareable social content around Film/TV/Streaming

  • Writing to short deadlines under pressure

  • Attention to detail

  • Experience in maximising Social Media content and views

  • Own computing equipment and software

  • Full clean UK Driving Licence

  • Creating a constant stream of feature ideas and stories that   resonate with audiences

  • Creating immediate rapport with celebrities during junket interviews

  • Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and  editing, input music, voice-over, graphics, subtitles and effects

  • Produce Podcasts for other presenters in various subjects

  • Natural Story-teller

CONTACT NUMBER: 07843620953




ITN Productions, Channel 5’s Access: Producer/Presenter

Check link for Showreel- CLICK HERE 

Access is the daily entertainment show on Channel 5, an exclusive and subversive update on the world of Film, TV and Music. I was the writer, presenter and editor for seven years.

  • Writing daily scripts on the biggest film stories from LA, New York and London. Writing to time, using the picture to make funny observations and keep it newsworthy and relevant to the viewer. 

  • Using editing software, Avid since 2014 and can edit with speed and at a high level, whether it’s picking out amusing trailer clichés or using funny answers from interviews on the red carpet. 

  • Conducting interviews two/three times a week with the world’s biggest movie stars and spend time prepping creative, fresh and exciting features/games to make my film interviews stand out and get cut through in a crowded market. 

  • Here are some links to recent interviews and the features we executed, all with a “fun” slant: 





James Sloan Ents

As a now independent Freelancer I’m pursuing a range of projects and opportunities. These include: 

  • Voice-Overs: A home studio set-up which allows me to record campaigns and projects for different advertisers and marketing brands, from big pharma drug companies to spoken university film school syllabuses. 

  • Basic Pitches Podcast: Comedians make up a film pitch, telling a story, spoofing movie cliche and creating an immersive and hilarious world with the listener. It’s also peppered with funny parody commercials, written, recorded and produced by myself. BP has been the most creatively satisfying project so far & the aim is to expose it to a much wider audience. CLICK LINK HERE BASIC PITCHES

  • Writing: As the writer of Access for the best part of a decade, writing to picture has become a skill transferable to longer form TV and my witty movie-trailer breakdowns are planned for print and online too.


Pop culture and observational writer for Sabotage Times & ScottsMensWear blog
  • Writing articles on movies, highlighting amusing film maker clichés and linking films with funny themes.

  • Articles also include satirising millennial life, including pop-culture or social media- CHECK LINK FOR EXAMPLE

  • Developing trailer breakdowns similar to the popular Screen Junkies. Below is a short tongue in cheek video that I developed, voiced and edited highlighting the similarities between 50 Shades dialogue and a This Morning feature: CLICK LINK HERE FIFTY SHADES


BAUER Radio // Radio presenter / Journalist / Producer
  • Radio Aire drivetime Presenter for 7 months.

  • Weekend breakfast Presenter on Hallam FM.

  • Presented and Produced an Arctic Monkeys radio documentary during a South Yorkshire celebratioN month.

  • Network late-night presenter across Leeds and Sheffield (Hallam/Aire)   

  • Presenter for Radio Aire in Leeds, Hallam FM in Sheffield, and Key 103 in Manchester. 

  • All these major stations had huge competitions, interviews and live-hosting duties.


Delta FM / Kestrel FM / Mercury FM
  • I began my career writing reviews and reading them on Delta FM’s evening show (The Big 7). Honing those skills got the attention of the BBC World Service who hired me to record their Chart Show. Broadcasted to tens of millions of listeners around the world. 

  • I then moved to Kestrel FM to host drivetime on Basingstoke’s local station. 

  • After three years, I went freelance and picked up shifts at Mercury FM in Crawley after a stint travelling America.


6 GCSES A-C, A-Levels English, Theatre & Media.
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