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Sean joins James to pitch his 'Herbie' reboot, where the loveable VW Beetle is dragged through the courts in an epic custody battle drama. In the process his own brush with Hollywood comes up, along with unusual washing up methods, tradesmen anxiety and why he can never say his wife's name out loud... 


Tez joins James to discuss his new stand-up special TEZTIFY. He also chats Millican's Law, the only thing worse than a heckler & why stealing the Kohinoor Diamond would make the best heist movie!

Heat Magazine's Boyd Hilton joins James to pitch a reboot of an iconic British movie franchise, this time starring Lawrence Fox's penis (in a box). We also debate the greatest film of the decade and re-live Boyds epic Desert Island Discs shout out from Russell T Davies.

Tez Llyas

Vittorio joins James to talk comedian hair cuts, ex-girlfriend anxiety, threesome offers & comedian 5-a-side. But his main reason for the meeting is to pitch his Paintball gun thriller set in an apocalyptic London. 

In a break from tradition, Film Critic & broadcasting legend James King joins James Sloan to pitch his new movie about 1970’s British comedians brought back from the dead to save the world & there tattered reputations. We also discuss James King’s friendship with Hollywood star Stephen Merchant, find out which 80’s erotic thriller improved his Uni sex-life and why Jake Gyllenhaal loves Christmas present interview games!

The musical comic joins James for a HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. Pitching her spooky but tender Dracula movie about a young Drac's taste for curry sauce, in Scarborough. We also hear her Netflix song, we have a moody jam on the piano and hear Charlotte's finale tune written specifically for the soundtrack. FANGS VERY MUCH for listening! 

Screenshot 2020-10-06 at 22.25.28.png

Sian joins James to discuss working class comedy, queer comedy, why Fleabag wasn't for her and she pitches her murder mystery movie set in a department store. It stars not one but two British legends and a character called "ham hands". FilmFour or Working Title to produce with an eye for a domestic sleeper hit September 2021.  

Impersonator, comedian and puppeteer Luke Kempner joins James to pitch three amazing films, including a Snooker movie, his Pianist remake and a straight to DVD Love Island horror. All could be made but which one will be chosen?? (it's in the file name so that's obvious). Impressions include: Alan CarrArsene WengerHarry KaneDavid AttenboroughLouis Theroux Tommy FuryAND MANY MORE!!!

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